Stranger in a Stranger Land

The King loudly proclaimed, “None are innocent!” and his primo Prime Minister whispered in his ear, “I’m sure you mean ‘None’ with one regal exception, Your Grace.”  And the monarch whispered back, “I see you still enjoy having your job and intestines intact.”


Uptown there was this other guy who read book reviews just so he wouldn’t have to actually read the books; he thought this was pretty slick, until he realized that his partner discussed literary matters with him just so he wouldn’t have to even read the book reviews.


In one City, the headlines of the afternoon edition blared, “Things Appear To Get Worse”…
(Did I mention that the name of the paper is the Dickhead Gazette?)


One guy’s partner refused to testify against him; he was much praised; he dismissed the attention, and claimed there wasn’t all THAT much to say about him any way.  (Wayward Moral:  If you ARE going to be a “Stranger in a Strange Land,”  it costs no more to be REALLY strange…er.)


Medical Up-Date, File H-24
(For Your Eyes Only):

You know that you’re still alive and sweating
as long as there remains the urge
to tell strangers your latest misadventure.


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