Those Who Bring Manure

On this other neighboring world, they have a bazaar where you can sell your guilt; only trouble is – they make you buy some more.  (You gotta admit folks, there’s some WEIRD worlds out there.  How come every time I say something like this, all you start looking around?)


One guy had what he called his, “Little Theory”; he only had it just for a little while.  His friends subsequently would refer to it as his, “Just For A Little While Theory”; (have you noticed the increasing number of people who use the world “theory” when what they actually mean would be more properly reflected by such terms as “idea” or “notion”?  Of course, I guess I could be mistaken, but that is my the– I mean, idea), but none-the-more all of that, back to his “Little Theory.”  He said that every time you have a thought, you should wiggle your eyebrows.


A man with his own return address
writes to say that he believes that
once all the votes are counted…


Those who bring manure
will accept some when they leave.


All the generals of this one State got together and got the King to Officially Announce that, “Sensitive plans are no plans at all.”  (Some of the generals didn’t believe the King’s heart was in it – the rest didn’t care.  After hearing what he said seems like a “plethora of such stories,” this one viewer observes that it’s a good thing the human mind is immune to militant conditions.)


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