One intellectually captioned chap in the City
began to set aside a few moments each day
for what he called his, “irony time”…
(he now has no hours left.)


The ordinary would find it
extremely difficult to remain sane
without being serious.

(Editor’s Note:  For deposit in “T.S.T.L.” –
the “To Say The Least” file.)


One man said,
“Just the older I get,
the less certain I am
that I should take credit.”


Over on another world on a Wednesday one of the inhabitants stood and declared, “I have discovered that my personal thinking abilities are directly tied to my hormones.”  And his fellow creatures seemed so amazed at his singularity that they forthwith erected a fine statue in his honor.  (Did I mention that the name of this planet is Totalus Sarcasticus?)


At exactly twelve-o-one on his twenty-first birthday the kid of one ole sore head was handed a fake gold watch, (well, it looked fake), but his pater told him the real essence of the gift was carried in the inscription on its back which said, “The Day May Come When You Will ‘Know The Truth,’ And The Truth Will Make You Say – ‘So What’.”


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