Look Here!

After all –
If a man knew where to look
he wouldn’t have to look
in the first place.


The local “Occult Expert” of one City
says that people from other planets
don’t have to go to the bathroom…he adds,
“That’s why they’re from other planets.”


Although it is not always noted,
I should caution you that the offer
of any really NEW info is for
“A limited time only.”


When processes are made “thing-specific,”
polarities can seem to trade places.


Over in the soup aisle of the grocery store, a chap approached me and said he’d decided to name his own mental operation, “Fruit Loops,” because, he reasoned, it didn’t make any sense and was therefore appropriate.  (A woman hiding in a stack of paper towels added, rather testily, that all we needed now was a “Lite” version of Nutra-Sweet.)


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