Timing is a matter of Timing

One ole man, after many years of entertaining and instructing his kid with stories of his earlier exploits, sat the lad down and said, “Now that you’re old enough to wear your hat on sideways, you’re old enough to know that I just made up all that stuff I told you happened to me.”  The nipper calmly removed his headpiece and said, “That’s okay Pop, I just pretended to listen to it.”


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No matter what those cheap City proverbs say,
Men ONLY preach to the converted.


The head acrobat of one circus,
when training new members,
showed he had no time or words
to waste: he told all his charges,
“Timing is all a matter of timing.”


After he first heard the term,
“self serving,” this one poor chap
commenced to wear out three
pair of legs searching
for whom this might apply.


A gentleman of some success and wealth over in the City, decided to bequeath a sizable sum to his college’s library, but on the strict condition that no future bibliographical treatment done of his life EVER be filed under the category of, “Bad Fiction.”


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