This one guy said that life wasn’t worth living, and that he wished he was dead; this other fellow replied that such feelings were totally unfounded and that those who felt so deserved our comfort and concern.  (They’re taking this act on the road just as soon as the weather clears up.)


One inward-glancing ole sore head mumbled something or other to me while we were standing by a baklava cart near the park, I asked him to repeat it, and he turned to walk away, and I reminded him that if he did so this Daily News item would be incomplete, and apparently my mangling of the King’s English annoyed him just enough that he stopped and re-mumbled his comments at least a bit louder this time; what he had said was this, “If sex was ANY more fun I’m almost sure I wouldn’t deserve it.”


Well…if it makes you feel any better I’ll admit, there are a few people on this planet who still haven’t figured out what’s going on…(oops, I did it again, right, you’re one of them; oops and double-oops.)


A man without a hero
might actually be a man.


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