At a free lance lecture I fell into last evening, one of the speakers put forward the notion that if it weren’t for the word “and,” we wouldn’t have so many improper things verbally put together.


One ole man who remained inclined in such affairs took the kid aside, then affront and aback, until he had the little nipper totally before him, then said, “Although there are several proper ways to run off in the ditch, there’s only one by which to dial the phone for a wrecker.”  (The kid thought on this for awhile, then drifted off to sleep.)


After a lifetime spent on spasmodic attempts at self-improvement, as he stretched out on his apparent death bed, this one chap surveyed his life and announced, “Well, if I am not now actually my ‘own best friend,’ at least I am no longer my worst pair of shoes.”


The difference between Comedy and This
is not in the material
but the audience.



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