The Cats & the Birds

They’re now talking about a man
who took some pills to “feel better,”
and who inadvertently got to feeling
better than he intended.


The continuing interplay between the cats and the birds is supported in part by the apparent indifference of the hippos; at a recent meeting of the three parties, no one in a position of authority could comprehend the significance of this.  (The only piece of business that was accomplished was that several of the aviators lodged a formal protest with the Steering Committee over a listing on the convention menu of “Blue Bird Pudding.”)


On a Wednesday (and that’s Wednesday with an “es” – not the other way around) at a Stand-up, Sit-down, Then-Stand-Back-Up buffet, a fellow told me that he had changed his name to, “Basic-And-Forward,” and went on to say that it had proved to be less than a complete waste of time.


At a small social gathering last evening a small social person stood beside me and said that one of his highest, personal pleasures was in giving himself the old “run around.”


Another viewer writes to say
that he won’t be writing any more.



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