Curiouser and Curiouser

A man intellectually concerned
over his City having enemies
will have more himself than
his neighbors do in-laws and roaches.


An army is certainly suspect in which Medals Of Valor are awarded to those whose pinnacle of achievement was in not committing suicide.  (I say, there seems to be a misprint here; that’s not “army,” it should say, “A class of creatures is certainly suspect.”)


A man whose hobby is collecting common denominators, has recently informed me that, after trying to “think-on” and “confirm” some of the ideas he’s heard around here, that he’s finding the “truth” turns out to always be “curious and coincidental.”


An excited viewer contacts us to say that he first felt the significance of this Revolutionist activity when he suddenly realized that no matter who you are, where you live, what you think, or who dresses you, that EVERYbody is bar mitzvahed in a suit that LIFE provided.


A little song I overheard
by the open door of a bar
near the heart of the City,
(it wenteth liketh dith): 
“Oh beer can do more than Dante do,
to justify my treatment of you.”


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