One guy was so quick at naming things,
and locking them into good, confining concepts
that he sometimes called himself, Norman Clature.


A viewer writes to say how much he enjoyed my mention of that world where they allowed men to unconditionally defend themselves against all charges and complaints with the comment, “My hormones made me do it,” and he says he assumes this includes all possible human acts save intellectual.  (Now wait, don’t get so harsh on the guy, after all, now repeat after me, “His hormones made him assume that.”)


One religion tried to call itself,
“The Carbonation In The Cola Of Life,”
but they were sued quick enough, all right.


After hearing about the man who would always say, “sic,” before he spoke, this one guy said it might be neat if he did the same thing right before he thought…(“That is,” he said, “I mean, you know, like if I ever get around to thinking about something.”)


Trafficking with others can make you wealthy;
doing so with yourself can make you glad.


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