Holiday Edition

Academic Expose Of The Day (de juke):

While passing by an open window
of the Faculty Lounge and Rehabilitation Center
over at City college I heard this comment,
“Horace was just a two-bit hack
‘til he started writing in Latin.”


In a curious attempt to seduce himself, one guy’s non-speaking nervous system told his brain, “Hey, bit dog, close that door, I’ve got more of what you’re looking for.”  (Maybe it wasn’t so “curious” after all.)


One other fellow measured the progress of his life
in the fact that while he still hated everybody’s guts,
he no longer really cared.


Even without the king’s directives, the generals are always concerned over civilian casualties.  (Hey, what is this, a fairy tale or somethin’?  In a show of cerebral support, the cats have announced that later today there’ll be a memorial service honoring the innocent, fallen mice.)



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