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Another guy following all this through our Home Study Guide – (Hey, what the hell’s going on here!?) – says that thanks to us, he’s been able to set up in his own brain a neural “Express, Fast-Lane” to check-out two or less items expeditiously.  (Although his intentions may be on the money, his execution seems a dollar or so short…but what can you expect from someone too frightened to attend class in person.)


A certain intense man steadfastly refused to be intellectually held captive by the apparent automatic human need for the linguistic support of qualifiers such as adjectives and adverbs, and hence he became, “A certain man who refused to be captive of qualifiers,” – (and says he feels a “damn sight better for it.”)


Whilst wearing a wide rimmed hat with fringe,
one ole timer offered this somber advice
, “Kid, if a medical school says that you’ve been
‘Accepted,’ find out first if they mean as a student,
or as a specimen.”


At a closed meeting,
around the corner one time
I heard an unidentified man say
that good reading is like,
“dancing for the mind.”


Then the apparent voice came over what many thought to be the Official P.A. system, and announced what some later remember as being, “Attention Citizens:  Everyone must be here before the balloting can begin, and remember, until the vote IS taken you won’t know what to think.”


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