Friday Map Guide

Insofar as Revolutionist cartography is concerned;
there are places in the universe
that aren’t IN the universe.


In recognition of his relationship
to the elements of the highlands,
one of the climbers fashioned his tent
from the wind.


“Ah,” mused one ole sore head, “To have been alive during the age of the Elizabethans…”  “Ah,” deduced his friend, “So as to have first hand experienced Shakespeare, Spenser and the flowering of the Renaissance as cultivated in the lusty soil of the English spirit?”  “No,” he replied, “because by now I would be damn well dead.”


One ole guy
was so gratified at
still being smarter than the kid
that in return
he never mentioned it.


Ah, the balance and justice of it all!  (I almost said, “equanimity,” but I didn’t.)  Once, just when things were winding down, this one fellow showed up; another time, just when things showed up, this fellow wound down.


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