Wonder Why Wednesday

One fellow declared, “I’ll thank you to mind your own business,” and just as his partner was going to add his pithy comment, the Official Announcer’s voice came over the in-house P.A. system asking, “Does one’s partner HAVE any business?”


Bumper sticker on car ahead
(had there been one in front of me):

“When Fiber Optics Are Outlawed
Only Outlaws Will Wonder Why.”


One man said, “I can’t take it any more!” and he was right.  Down the street another fellow said,
“I just can’t take it any more!” and he was incorrect.  Now I ask you – who can you believe anymore?


In a place where they have
“other universes,”
the CEO of The Immortals
punched everybody’s card.


Another big-eyed-viewer communicates to us via writing to say that he’s about decided he wants a personal motto, and that he’s further about decided that the one he wants will read, “If You Don’t Use Metaphors, They Won’t MIS-use You.”  (I’m sorry Sir, but that one’s already taken, no, haha, no it’s not, I’m just funnin’ you some more again.)


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