It’s Tuesday, Baby Cakes

One offspring asked his progenitor, “Say Pop, why’d you have me anyway?”  “Well kid,” the ole man replied, “I can’t really say…at the time it just seemed like the right thing to do.”  And with mock, though sincere, admiration the lad said, “Gee Dad, it’s a good thing you don’t run the rest of your life like that.”


In Revolutionist’s territory,
“being convinced”
and “thinking”
are not the same thing.



A certain “poet”
who rhymed “pitiful” with “city full”
has been officially demoted
to the rank of “mere human.”


As a private form of consolation, this one fellow told himself, “Well at least EVERY body can’t be right,” and one of his selves muttered, “Don’t you wish, Baby Cakes.”


Anyone who seriously proclaims,
“Let that be a lesson to you,”
has more to learn than one life time
could ever afford.



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