What the Hell was It?

When he heard it said that,
“Life requires only lackluster thinking,”
this one fellow glanced about,
pondered for a moment, then murmured,
“Gads, what an efficient arrangement.”


On another world they have a sport called,
“Hit Or Miss,” and from this bit of info
if you can figure out what it is
you could probably play the game.


There was another chap who,
as evidence of his independence from
“The tyrannical grip of spurious culture,”
would, whenever hearing Mozart,
cry out in apparent disdain, 
“What the hell was that!?”


After hearing one impressive citizen say,
“If you know how rich you are,
you’re not really rich,”
this one guy thought,
this isn’t applicable to intelligence!”


Being able to read between the lines
cuts down on the number of lines
normally required.


One day one ole man sat and suddenly thought,
“Might I – as the ‘Ole Man’ – be little more than
a metaphor for resignation and decay?” 
(He awaited the kid’s reassuring interjection…
it proved to be an extensive wait.)


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