The “G. E.”

One afternoon one ole man
offered his kid this parting advice
in hopes that one day he’d part,
“Me lad, even when times are tough,
don’t believe that a spider will tell a fly,
‘I’m sorry, but I can’t afford a parlor.’”


In one universe, they called it the “G.E.” –
the Great Experience, and when
the marriage broke up, just so’s not to
waste the already monogrammed towels
the aggrieved, departing party began to
refer to it as the “Great Expanse.” 
(Certain relationships, when rent, prove
more productive than any arithmetic
progression might suggest.)


Everyone’s best advice
they save for themselves…
(Sad to say – har har.)


As the people ran from the City,
its Institutional Voice cried out after them,
“The truth hurts!”
and they all replied,
“So does everything else.”


The Commissioner announced to the assembled,
“I regret to tell you, but as long as ten remains
larger than nine, there will be those who will
take advantage of the numerical system.


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