The King Takes A Vacation

When he didn’t know what to say this one guy would say, “I don’t know what to say”…(such manifest obviousness will not necessarily influence the Nobel committee.


Kings take vacations
only in fairy tales.


One father-type said to his child-type, “Trying to continually entertain another can drive one crazy,” and later while investigating a chocolate fudge dance routine the kid thought,  “If that don’t explain a lot, I don’t wanna hear no more.”


On one world they have a legend that says no man actually has an individual aim unless it’s one he found somewhere that no one else claimed, or seemed to want, and one that he can take with him anywhere he goes and can’t talk about.


When things would seem to be getting dangerously spooky and out of control this one guy would take a threatening tone to his brain and say, “Okay, I’ve told you before and I’ll warn you again – if I go, I’m taking you with me.”



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