Ring Bell for Service

One chap had tattooed on his forehead
(as close to his frontal lobes as reporters
were allowed at the time) the notice: 
“Ring Bell For Service”
(no explanation given, none required.)


The kinds of guys who have to tell you,
“What kinda guy they are,”
are the kinds of guys who’ll never realize
what kinda guys all the guys really are.


This one state once had a king who said that his only concern was for the people, and that he would be directed only by their will; he was seen as being too weak and was quickly overthrown; their next ruler proclaimed that his interests were supreme, and that the desires of the people were irrelevant – he too was soon dispatched.  As it turn out, their absolute favorite sovereign proved to be the next one, who said almost nothing, and who, for the most part, usually seemed distracted.


An ill tempered map
is not a travelin’ map.


While walking along the edge of a cliff this guy thought, “To one side of me is the cliff, and on the other is the non-cliff, but anyone seeing me here would say I was treading along the edge of ‘the cliff,’ not the ‘non-cliff’…perhaps I’ll ponder it later, but not right now, since such thinking tends to make me dizzy.”


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