Once You Know-The-Score

Around two-thirty one afternoon one guy said to this partner, “You know, I believe that part of our closeness comes from us sharing the same brain,” and his other half exclaimed, “SHARE! – Who said anything about share?!”


One City gave out awards;
it didn’t do any good;
but they gave ‘em out anyway.


One ole man who had apparently been rather harsh in his “ole-mannin,” one day told the kid, “Son, I know I’ve laid on you pretty hard about not suffering the secondary sufferings and whining, but we gotta face the fat facts – everybody’s human, so let me say this:  If you do have problems that are so strong you just can’t ignore them at least do this; only acknowledge them as they leave – not as they arrive.”


It’s not nice to mis-use the word,


Or as one of my imaginary cohorts used to say,
“Once you ‘know-the-score’
the rest of the game’s a snapper-roo.”


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