Too Late

Over near a building
a man told me that he had
some of his “best thoughts”
just after he’d get through thinking.


One of the more memorable lines I’ve heard
in the City lately was last week when a fellow
in a store remarked, “Well, it’s too late in the day
now to start all over,” and the beauty of the notion
is that it can be fitfully used any time, day or night.


Saying their good-byes as the son left for the City college, the less sophisticated father offered these words, “Remember – the man who begins to see some good on the other feller’s side, didn’t have much of a side of his own to start with.”  (On the bus ride to school the lad had some day dreams that were more so than others.)


Right in the midst of the proceedings
this one figure stood and said,
“I’m not sure what it all means
but I’m going to say it anyway.”



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