Rapid Progress

One week the vicar’s topic was, “Without Religion Man Is A Victim Of Circumstance,” and then following it was, “With Religion Man IS A Creature Of Circumstance,” and his flock was sorely amazed at his rapid progress.


Over in another City is a man who was all the time giving himself shots, taking pills, looking for unfounded symptoms – as he put it, “Just in case,” ‘til one day his partner (or some other passer-by) asked, “In case of what?”  and he replied, “I knew some day someone would ask that.”


It’s just like those City neighborhoods
to think that the daily paper
can be delivered only once per diem.


One ole timer told the new employee,
“One more thing to remember, kid,
when they ‘bow the whistle’ it means
it’s ‘whistle-blowin’ time.”


More Stuff To Look Forward To (If You Want To):

Those who want to seriously tell you,
“How hard they’ve had it,”
ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet.


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