Frightening Noises

All the City listed mystics
eventually voice the cry that,
“Love is the answer to all,”
once they realize they don’t know
what they’re doing,
nd have no where else to think.


In this one certain place
(with its own little sense of justice)
the ugly get discounts on mirrors.


While singing someone else’s song, many pass for metaphorical…(In part, this is Nature’s way of modulating from that simpler melody that goes, “Everyone seems more comprehensive when out of town.”)


“Frightening noises, for girls and boises”…
(Or as one chap put it,
“Anything that ‘frightens me’ –
as I now understand ‘frighten’ and ‘me’,
no longer frightens me.”)


At the 3-D level
your main competitor
IS your prime food source.



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