Friday Out-Takes

Every time he’d happen to look in the mirror
this one guy’d say – “Well, as long as we’re here already.”


The collective “out-takes”
from one dimension
can become sufficiently coherent
to form a completed film
in another.


One most excellent example of the zottus-headuz genus announced to his fellow bus passengers, “Foreigners make up those silly names for themselves just so’s to annoy us decent folk.” 
(Next stop, Third and Main, followed by Third and Ten – a kicking situation.)


Conditional sight is blindness,
Institutionally approved.


In that singular world of man,
right is right and truth is truth,
and nothing you can say will change that –
unless you say enough.


Visiting for the first time one of the City’s cabarets, this one fellow expressed his great delight at the performers’ spontaneity, and in the verve of their ad libs; his more worldly-wise companion corrected him, noting that they gave basically the same show every night, and that its apparent impromptu nature was simply a part of the performance.  Upon hearing this, the first chap was prepared to be somewhat disturbed and disappointed, until he suddenly thought, “WOW, wait – that’s just the same as real life.”


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