You can rest assured you are in a well founded,
sophisticated and growing City when the top
position of the best selling books list is held
by a work entitled, “The Soul Of The Plagiarist.”


This one kid told me that although he tried to be intellectually optimistic, he’d already suffered an early assault when the day came that his ole man was to reveal the collective, secret “family wisdom,” which turned out to be this sentence, “There’s a lot of things we don’t know.”


It is through the intellect
that man is tied to tomorrow;
thus it is that he can THINK
of the future long before it arrives.


Attempting to salvage some negative joy
from an otherwise uneventful day,
this one fellow said, “What if all this fun
I’m having is just my imagination…
it’d serve me right!”


Guy writes to tell us, “The unseemly,
unnecessary use of artificial, arbitrary
alliterations is the sure and steady sign
of a sloppy mind.”



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