Eat Cheap Saturday

As I stepped off the curb to cross over the boulevard just east of the river, a man passing in the other direction handed me a tightly folded note which said, “I have personally determined, to my own personal and complete satisfaction that the actual purpose of our lives is for each of us to learn to ‘eat cheap’.”  (I re-folded the note and pressed on toward the docks.)


Life is a perpetual event.


A New Fairy Tale For The Newly Fairied:

Once upon a “Daily News”, he wrote to himself and said, “Irregardless of you saying that the items don’t have a moral, dig this – all epilogues, and after-thoughts ARE morals.”   (If you think I’m gonna make a post scripted or parenthetical comment on this – you’re nuts…even though it was unsigned.)


In a 3-D world only the unilateral can be certain…(and it’s not certain that the unilateral can exist in a 3-D world…talk about your disgusting justice!)


On this one world before the male scientists discovered hormones they accused women of whimsy, cunning and unpredictability.  (P.S.:  In most places they still do.)


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