To Ease Your Mind…

‘Tis often said, “The first blow’s the hardest,” but ‘tis never asked – “On whom?”  and the reason being that the current laws of Life’s books do not allow for one question to have two answers – much less three.

To help ease your mind
let me tell you that the word,
“even,” was a late arrival
to the party.


I have here a post card sent in by some fellow or other, who states quite clearly, in his own handwriting, that some of his best friends live in the City, trouble is, he says, “He can’t tell them from his best enemies.”


This one kid brought his ole man the first written proof of his intellectual journeys, which read, “The paths of fame and power lead only to the grave.”  The youngster beamed as the ole man scowled and asked, “So, this is it, is it – the fruits of your insight?”  The kid smiled even louder as his pater re-read again then turned to the crowd and said, “He may never be a poet or philosopher, but at least he would obviously become…” and right here I couldn’t tell what he said as the ole man began to gag and heave.


It’s sure easy to admire something
you don’t understand.




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