Sunday Science

Once you’ve figured out how things work spatially,  you can go on to more complex and satisfying affairs.  (It can be helpful to note the actual simplicity of spatial operations, in that all possibilities are limited to three dimensions and two magnetic directions.)

There was this one chap
who began to seriously harbor
the notion of marrying himself…
until one day he suddenly noticed
how ugly he was, and DEEPLY resented
having made such an unseemly observation.

Don’t fret the possibility
of additional torture –
just BEING a prisoner
is confession enough.


A Meaningless Little Askewed View
Of The Talking Evolution Of Man:

“Anything I don’t understand, doesn’t exist” then;

“Anything I don’t understand is evil” to:

“Anything I don’t understand is incorrect” and then;

“Anything I don’t understand, doesn’t exist.”


The bad news is that dead heroes
are not measured by the size
of their bullet holes.





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