Take a Hint!

When he looked in a mirror for the first time,
this one guy’s only comment was,
“Hey, I can take a hint!”

In his later years, one fellow told me that his own motto had become, “Give It All You Got,”
and further noted that it had taken him this long to get a personal understanding of the process of “give,” and to clearly see what constitutes “got,” and to correctly measure the quantity of “all,” and finally to recognize “you,” and at least suspect the true location of “it,”  but once that’s all put together, he says, the energy and information behind the motto is of the highest quality…
”Give It All You Got!”

Only those who perceive
and support the future
have one.

Although it’s not seen in your visible world,
you’re told you’re being left at the same place
where you were first told you were loved. 
(You just watch, someone will write me
and ask if this is the same as saying,
“You die where you were born.”
you just watch.)

Everyone gets soft in their old age except for two types:
Those born hard,
and those who don’t “old age-i-fy.”


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