First Time Again Monday

Over in the City, one guy asks,
“If education is as all-mighty important
as they keep saying,
how come they
don’t recommend random drug tests
for college professors?”


Everything a Revolutionist discovers
is for the first time again.


One ole sore head said he was now beginning to believe he’d be reincarnated, and upon hearing this all the dead people said,
“Hey – don’t look at ME.”


Believe it or don’t, but I met yet another guy, and this one (as guys are wont to do) said that he would explain to strangers his terrible mistakes and blunders as simply his support for the continuing power of habit.


If City predictors actually knew
what they were doing
they wouldn’t be predicting.


After one City father told his off-spring,
“God wants you to do better”, the brat replied,

“I will if he will!”; the elder paused, looked off
and pondered, then snapped back thinking,

“I gotta quit listening to kids.”


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