If you ALWAYS put the punch line
at the end, people tend to get uncomfortable.


It is reported that the very last words
of one Revolutionist who had not spoken
in over ten years was, “I will not be a
batman for the past.”


More Untethered Tidings:

It’s not so much a matter,
if you’ve thought this or that,

but whether you continue,
to house break such a cat.

(When all doors are closed
the difference between a “meow”
and a “roar” is in the spelling.)


In one of those universes besides yours
everyone rides on the backs of everyone else,

except for those who fall – they get worshiped.


At odd times, during otherwise
even conversations, this one
professional person would inject,

“Of course what you see here now
is but an abridgement of the complete me.”


I keep meeting this guy that
seems like he’s gonna “do all right” –
then he gets too serious.


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