In Retrospect…

A “retrospective”
is almost as good
as no spective at all.


After becoming famous, this one guy found that he even began to impress himself, but almost as soon as his initial surprise had subsided himself said, “Wasn’t that the point all along?”


There is no substitute for enthusiasm.

 (Well, there is one,
but many states have now banned
semi-automatic weapons.)


The first kid said,
“I’ve got a ladder,”
and his brother replied,
“I’ve got a roof.”
and the first one repeated,
“No, I’ve got a REAL tall ladder!”
to which his sibling insisted,
“But I’ve got this real high roof.”
and their mother came around
the corner and counseled,
“Now you kids quit squabbling,
you know you’re gonna end up
playing In the basement anyway.”
And they both moaned, “Aw, Mom.”


Another episode in the continuing drama of, “The City Looks After Its Own” – (or at least itself): Scene 94: A certain musician who cannot improvise announces this as the “Latest development in jazz.”








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