Advance Warning

One guy was complimented regarding his several interesting facets, while another was likewise noted concerning his faucets. 
One was more popular than the other during flash flood season.


In secondary surroundings
much of what is credited as being
“important” spiritual and
information is but ad hoc instructions
in damage control.


While sitting near this one chap in the park,
up on the grassy knoll, he eventually stretched out
full length and said, “It ain’t so bad being poor
so long’s you stays poor.”


If you ever decide to “go back home,”
do give ’em some advance warning –
trust me – it’ll be best for everybody.


While down in the City last weekend I wandered into the Convention Center, where was gathered a conclave dedicated, as their banners read, to, “Self Improvement & The Full Human Potential,” and poking my head into a big banquet room I caught these concluding words from one of their featured speakers…“And those are but some of the beneficial aspects of the brevity of human life. Thank you.”



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