I Know What You Mean

No matter what someone else may say,
if you think there’s any chance Life might be
eavesdropping you should always say,
“Yeah, I know what you mean.”


Two of the more memorable moments in an ordinary man’s life are;
the time he takes credit for his talents,
and the time he takes responsibility for his flaws. 
(“Wow”, exclaimed an interested listener,
“Two thrills in one lifetime…why it’s almost more than I can bear.)


A reader offers his observation,
“Most people would say they ‘Don’t think’
because they were ‘Too busy thinking about something.’”


Although it’s not possible to,
“See too far for your own good,”
it is possible to do so at no advantage
to those on the lower floors.


As distinct from the ordinary three-dimensional beings in the three-dimensional world, the Revolutionist’s future IS solely “in the future.”


When the king travels
he doesn’t have to pack.


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