The Bigger Confusion Theory

From one area I hear tell of a new variation
of an old City notion, in this incarnation it’s known
as the “Bigger Confusion Theory” which says that
it’s alright if your own thoughts sometimes confuse
even you, as long as somewhere down the road,
you can tell them tosomeone else
and confuse them even more.


For a time (some time back) this guy and his brother
had their whole planet considering the possibility
of adopting an all inclusive motto, to wit –
“Looking Out For Number One
Can MAKE You Number One.” 
(Need I say more.)


One guy over in the Fourth Ward
will only go to the bathroom in the dark;
he offers no explanation,
and none is needed.


“The next major breakthrough” somewhere…
for some reason…seems to be this man who,
to make up for his lacking education, begins
each sentence with the words, “Of course…”
(You do realize that anywhere this might work
deserves for it TO work…of course.)


There’s little risk or credit,
until you’ve finally said it.


This one guy used to have his worst nightmares
before he went to bed, “Just so,” as he put it,
“We can get that little piece of business out of the way.”


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