The Point of Civilization

Travel Tip For An Unbloodied Sunday:
If you go where you intended
reservations are not necessary.


Over in another world,
as he felt himself drifting away from his City’s religion,
rather than passively accepting the fact, this one creature
decided to revise his participation in their reverent rituals;
thus, in their place of worship, while others offered up
their prayers and praise to their deitized figure
in the normal fashion, he addressed the infinite thusly,
“Hey, Big Guy – CHECK – IT – OUT!”


A certain famous artist (who can also talk good)
was recently overheard to say that,
“A little depression can be good for you,”
which utterance reveals yet another facet
of that well worn proverb.


If you want to be rid of another one, pound and ponder this:

In the forever debate over whether “reality” is what we think it is, or whether it’s something else, look at it this way – there wouldn’t BE any “reality” unless we thought about it in the first place.


One guy’s comment is this:
“The point of civilization is inconvenience.”

(No, you’re right, don’t think about it.)



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