Strange Thursday

This one otherwise frugal fellow
tells me that he likes to leave his lights on at home

when he’s not there, so, as he puts it,
“The house won’t feel so lonesome.”

(Now don’t any of you Doctors Of Metaphor
out there write me with suggestions
about this.)


And yet another member of our audience
writes to say that thanks to me, he now sees

most of mans’ ordinary activities as
“cute…irritating and pretentious…but cute.”


Don’t get all your eggs from one chicken –
unless it’s the BIG CHICKEN.


(Even more strange and exotic facts):

There was this one guy whose opinion
of himself was no better or worse
than his opinion of others. 
(Hey – “strange” is one thing,
“totally unbelievable,” something else!)


In the midst of increasingly rapid change,
and in the grip of his own negative
perceptions thereof,
this one man
angrily spat and scoffed, “Progress –
HAH!  Why, when I was young,
we didn’t even HAVE progress.”


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