Brain Strain

Do note: Life’s sacrifice
OF us, THROUGH us,
and in-our-name,
for the sake of continuity,
is non-specific, and indeterminable.


Then suddenly
from the great faceless crowd
came the exhilarating,
the inspiring cry,
“On the count of three
let’s all be bit – ter!”


In this one City they passed a law
that allowed “Only thinkers to drink”;

this piece of legislation became famous
as the most brief lived in that universe.


There are fairies
at the bottom of everyone’s well.

(Wait – does that say “well” or “will”?)


One guy who suffered a severe abdominal rupture explained his inability to go to the bathroom unassisted as per his doctor’s instructions not to “lift anything heavy” by himself.  Another chap hearing this then announced that his “intellectual dependence on others” was due to his own “brain strain.”



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