Popular on a Saturday

One ole timer (who used to be an ole sore head, but he feels the advancing years should have us drop the latter name in favor of the former, any-hoo) says that, “To be popular you don’t have to be a phony, unless you don’t want to be popular.”


Ignore small losses,
celebrate large ones.


At the annual Smart Guys Convention, one of the smartest, most respected smart guys made the astounding announcement that he had been visited by beings from another universe who were going to leave him a machine that actually talked.  Once the initial shock swept the audience he waved his arms and admitted, “No, no, I just said that to see what I’d think.”


From a certain strenuous view: 
Only sissies have guilt.

(Oh yeah, have you been reminded lately
that if you don’t like something it isn’t true.)

Only sissies don’t like stuff.


One would-be-kid-achiever wants to know,
“If you can’t be hyperbolic, why be bolic at all.”



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