Thursday Salad Bar

After hearing one of those park philosophers
declare that “All great men are misunderstood,”
this one chap was s-o-o-o stricken that he stood
motionless for so many days that the City
designated him an “Alternative Landmark.”


For the Real Revolutionist
there is a kind of “sweet, silent pride”
in all of This.


Snippet overhead in a salad bar:

“Being able to, ‘hear music’ without a stereo
is almost as good as being able to have thoughts,
without reading about them.” 

(I say, ole stick, would you pass the asparagus.)


One fellow who had trouble pronouncing “S’s”
struck the letter “T” from his vocabulary. 
“Just, (as he put it), “to keep things on the up and up.”


By the time Life’s strict accounting practices
trickle down to the three dimensional level,
the ordinary mind can find them less than exact
and comprehensive.  (Such is the “way-of-the-world”…
IF you “live-in-the-world.”)


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