It’s Wednesday! Duck!

Due to the increasing proximity of humans,
(and the advancing sophistication of their own style),
many mallards now discuss the pressures of being a duck.


Where a man goes
is where he belongs.


One fellow wrote me and asked if all the Daily News
items were “connected,” and I wrote him back,
“Only in the most tenuous sense,” to which he
immediately replied, “I expected you to say that
they were in the strictest fashion.”  I wired him saying,
“Stop. Didn’t you get my second letter?  Stop.”


The appearance of “up-keep” can be taken as
some evidence that a thing is over, done, and
past its useful stage.  (I must warn you not to try
and apply this in any fashion whatsoever to your
own thought processes.  Should you ignore this caution,
I cannot be responsible…can you?


First thing every single morning,
this one guy would rush outdoors
and look for any signs that Life had been there,
and he’d shout out to the skies,
“Hey, get off my case!”



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