Unsolicited Calls

Very often when his brain would ring,
this one guy wouldn’t answer it

(He said he figured most of them
were just “unsolicited calls” trying
to sell him something.)


One little ruffian announced,
“Singing, ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’
won’t make you a ball player.” 
A second scalawag said,
“It won’t make you a singer either,”
and a third number added,
“And it’s not gonna make me
any happier, wasting time like this.”


The City’s unstated attitude toward secondary plagiarism is that if the thief improves on what he stole, no robbery took place…(and who can think and thrive in that atmosphere and believe otherwise?)


Those who get on the “inside”
tend to react in two distinct fashions: 
One group doesn’t mention it,
while the other shouts, “Hey, I’m on the ‘inside!’”
(Only one of these divisions
plans to be there long.)


From the earliest possible age, one ole man told his kid, “If you ever need help – come to me”, but whenever he would do so his elder would say, “Hey, it’s every kid for himself.”  The younger said, “If all you were ever going to do was tell me that it’s ‘every kid for himself’ why did you even bother to say that if I needed help I should come to you?”  And the ole man touched his shoulder and replied, “Awww, I thought you understood – the City MADE me do it.”

Okay, let’s put a wrap on this one:
Everybody affects everybody else in some way.

(Did I leave anyone out?)


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