Opening Night

In routine City affairs,
if you’re not “getting any where,”
is one way to know you’re
getting some where. 
(“Yeah team, yeah team!
Sic them mothers,
keep your druthers.”)


Just off Broadway
in the Revolutionist’s mind
it’s always opening night.


A fellow who’s been staying
out in those woods, just east of the City
says, (quote), “Not having any particular
‘human emotions’ is almost as good
as not having emotions at all.”

(Wait, this must be a misprint;
he surely [har-har] means that
it would be as BAD as not having
emotions at all…surely, [har-har] right?)


Remember troops:

There’s a big difference
in dying broke,
and dying in debt.


And humanity related this episode:  “As in a terrifying nightmare, I stood in the middle of a dark field, incessantly washed by waves of unknown chemicals, while lightning continually flashed about me; and then I awoke to discovered I was not asleep.”




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