A Specious Spasm of Cerebral Splendor…




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All self-referring systems
may expect SOME good press…
(for whatever, forgive me for saying so,
that’s worth.)

In a specious spasm
of sophomoric cerebral splendor
one guy’s brain told him,

“Hey guy – there are two sides to everything.” 
And he replied, “If that were unreservedly so
then I would ask you to step OUT side.”


In the streets of the City
a man rushed by me and muttered,
“I am too busy to be civilized.” 
In the streets of the City
a woman rushed by me and said,
“I am too busy to notice.”

(Sports Update, Sports Update, I say: 
With sufficient vigor on the field
the impertinence of the Game can be overlooked.)


If you find it hard to pretend
at least play like you can.


There was this chap who had a horse for a travel agent; if you think that’s something – his uncle had a bus.  (And a kid writes to ask why I don’t add the tag line, “Think about it,” to all the daily news where it would be appropriate:

                            Dear Kid:  But if I did so, then it wouldn’t be so appropriate – would it?)



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