Saving Time

There is a relatively un-visited playing field
in this universe where in you CAN
“tell the players without a program”…
(but once they realize you can do so
they won’t let you back in the stadium.)


If, as they say in the City,
you would like to “save a little time,”
I’ll go ahead now and tell you that the
“easy way out” is to be a Revolutionist.


Looking up from his little notebook the kid asked,
“Hey ole man, if it IS like this writer says that,
“Opinion is knowledge in the making,” then
what does that make knowledge to be?”

(In deference to something-or-other the elder
decided this was one be wherein he did not
necessarily “have the last word.”)

I relay this comment I recently heard
with no editorial inflection intended or inferred,
a familiar creature simply said,
“Being around humans gives me the blues.”


Most people have another brain
they never use and rarely suspect.


Hey, dig it, the good news:
If it doesn’t cost any more
it’s not worth any more. 

(And oh yeah, even better news:
Where this is happenin’,
they don’t give credit.)






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