It’s A Civilized Wednesday

Some guy left a message on your answering machine, (you weren’t in so I took it); he says that after considering some of what I have recently said around here, and in light of what I have said, he concluded that it would only be a Revolutionist who wouldn’t CARE whether you could ever “go back home” or not.


The “civilized” are those who pretend
that the personally irrelevant is of supreme importance;
the subversively, SUPER civilized are those who
fully understand the above and yet still pretend.


Anyone who tells someone else
“what to do” is certainly
doing their job, but they still
don’t know what they’re doing.


I know of one place
where two short men can see
almost as far as one tall one…
(this is also a spot that fogs in a lot.)


One of those ranters that periodically show up at the college quadrangle climbed up onto a conveniently over-turned physics instructor and made the following declaration, “If you allow any two of your senses, such as speaking and thinking, to become too familiar with one another, you can either become a famous, well-known-person, or else live to regret it.”  And someone in the assemblage shouted back, “You silly twit – thinking is not one of our senses!”  And the crowd suddenly grew so agitated that the sharp crease in many fresh-pressed trousers disappeared.


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