Monday Stats

Just like gonads,
neurons are
“born followers.”


This one fellow,
whenever he was about to
give his opinion, would preface
same by saying,
not –
“May I offer my views,” but,
“May I offer my sublime views.” 
Although he did this invariably,
his partner insists it never added one whit.


In one Western galaxy,
a band of anxious ones
finally discovered their deity –
right there,

amidst the statistics.



For a while, whenever making a first-party reference, instead of saying, “I,” this one guy substituted the phrase, “That which I am quote, ‘pleased to,’ unquote, call – dash – “myself,” unquote.”  (He admits it ultimately did little to increase his sense of humility, but that it did increase his respect for the rigors of punctuation.)


I heard one chap say,
“Anything I think once is brilliant;
anything I think twice is shit.”


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