Seed Planted on a Sunday

Revolutionist info is kinda like
some type of advanced agricultural seed
in that you can both consume it,
AND plant it.


(Another of those historic comments that no one is absolutely sure they ever heard):

“There are several ways of looking at some things, and of course, some ways of looking at several things, but there is no one way of looking at EVERYthing.”  (Of course, this is not true, there IS one such way, but you know, of course, I’m not allowed to discuss it here…In the exact middle of one dark night the kid suddenly sat up straight and said, “Hey Pop, did you just hear what I heard?” and the ole man replied, “Gad, I hope not my boy, or we’re BOTH done for.”)


If you’re gonna think about this,

also think about that.


Pursuing his desire to be “original,”
one kid joined the Unique Person’s Society;
(when this was discovered, the Irony Guild
cancelled his membership.)


What you don’t eat can’t bother you…
(unless you think about wishin’ you had et it.)



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