Bagpipers A-Waiting

Don’t worry about lay-offs and recessions;
so long as you can explain what you do,
you’ll always have something to do.

One guy told me that his “first thoughts on a subject” seemed to always be his best ones,
but while he was momentarily distracted, his partner whispered that those were usually his only ones.


Cheerful Thought For The Weekend:

There is a company of bagpipers awaiting us all. 
(And Praise-Be-To-Cicero, that all disturbing thoughts
may be considered metaphorical.
“Yes, but then again,”, said one kid, “Is an allegorical
bagpipe any less lethal than a literal one?”)

P.S.  When you’re dead
EVERYbody reads your mail.

Making conditional plans,
(you’ll all be pleased to know),
is damn near like not making plans at all.




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