Inexplicable Attractions

Dialogue In The Key Of B-Flat, Opus 17:

“More people sail away then ever return.,
but if you lived on the opposite shore
it would seem just the reverse.” 
(Editor’s comment to last player: 
Getting TOO sharp can get you dropped
from future performances; now blow out
your spit-valve and sit back down.)


The ole man observed, “Everyone over sleeps when they’re out of town,” and the kid inquired, “Do you by any chance actually refer to talk instead of sleep?”  The ole timer wrote out on a scrap of paper in his front pocket, “Even if you weren’t a child of mine, you would still be a child of mine…the future begets its own.”


A certain man charged with having incestuous relations
with his own intellect, agreed to plea bargain to a lesser offense –
Being A Human.


Inexplicable attractions are the ones that last.


(I wanted to tell you this story I know, but I’ve forgotten whether it’s really about a man, his bloodline, and them other people, or whether it all just refers to operations within his own mind, so I guess I’ll leave it to you to sort out):  There was once this one guy whose lineage was SO classy that the family motto read, “We Do Not Insult The Unworthy.”


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